104 – Scot’s Memento Moment

Follow Scot as he details issues and financing mistakes that cause way too many missed closings with a quick update on trolling the trolls.

Adam and Jeremy join us in the studio. Airbnb does double duty as this week’s disruptor profile and as a contender in Real Estate Wars: Main Street USA vs Airbnb.

Scot interviews Title One’s Dana Diesch as she details Remote Online Notary Closings.

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Real Estate World Podcast

Episode 104 – Scot’s Memento Moment

  • 16:16Scot wants real estate agents to educate buyers.
  • 19:30Disruptor of the Week: Airbnb / Short-term Rentals with Adam Duerr
  • 29:00Real Estate Wars: Airbnb/short-term rentals vs Main Street USA
  • 44:00 – UPDATE: Angry White Men vs Zquality
  • 47:05 – Interview: TitleOne’s Dana Diesch and Remote Online Notary Closings


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